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A new movement is afoot, spearheaded by many who barely escaped the recession, millennials, seniors, artists and others.

Tiny homes, aka small homes, are usually defined as between 100 and 1,000 square feet. Preferred building materials are recycled, repurposed and eco friendly. A small stick built house, a tiny house on wheels or an ADU (accessory dwelling unit) are some of the choices.

Cottages, lofts, and apartments have been around for a long time. Living small makes some of us feel cozy. It is not the intention here to be a proponent of either choice. This simply suggests ways to turn a small space into your personal paradise. It’s all about clever design.

This home is 650 square feet. It consists of living room, 9’ x 21’, dining area, 8’ x 13’, kitchen, 11‘ x 13’, bedroom, 8’ x 12’,  & adjoining office. The client asked for minor renovations now and additional renovations over time.  Cottage style was requested; however, depending on where you live or what you dream, your cottage may look more like a tiny castle as shown in the Master Bedroom.