​​I am currently working with Ferris on the house we recently purchased in Cambria. We are still in the designing phase and I am just delighted with the artistic renderings she creates for our ideas. I am so excited to make it all come to life - granite, furniture, paint, accessories, etc. She spends lots of time listening and getting to know you and what you hope for; she is also extremely responsive when I contact her. I am finding her project fee structure very affordable for me, and have told a number of people I am enjoying working with her.                      

​                                                                               Rebecca H.

From our first meeting with Ferris Zoe, my husband and I knew she was the right designer to guide us through our Morro Bay remodel. Not only did we feel confident in her design experience & expertise, but we loved her engaging personality & sense of humor! I feel like she is a new friend as well as our designer. Since we live 3 hours away, it was such a plus to have a local designer who could stop by the project frequently & give us feedback on the progress. Also, we felt her price structure was more than reasonable. Ferris has impeccable taste; we appreciated her warning us about not using the products that might quickly seem dated. Her creative ideas really helped utilize the most of our limited kitchen & bathroom spaces. She is very responsive & definitely goes the extra mile to make sure projects go well. We are not yet at the end result, but we already know we will not lease out the townhouse, as we intended. It will be too amazingly beautiful not to spend time there ourselves with our family & friends! You will not be disappointed if you choose to work with Ferris Zoe!

​                                                                                Nancy C.

Ferris Zoe is NOT your ordinary "interior designer". She is a multi-talented artist - a perfectionist -- persistent to the point of making it right. When we first began working together, Ferris clearly described the look and colors her clients wanted - making my job of sourcing the artwork easy. She expertly matched a multitude of fabrics and other items for the homes/offices we worked on…providing many cost saving ideas. Ferris is dedicated and a hard working designer who can turn any budget into a great new look! Her professional advice and excellent design skills help create exactly what her clients are looking for in their homes/offices! With her talents and persistence, Ferris can turn any environment into "the stunning look" you want it to have. She will spend the time it takes to shop until just the right item(s) is found, and has impeccable taste which makes an unbelievable difference! I highly recommend Ferris Zoe!


​                                   Bonnie Hall Fine Art Asset Management

​Ferris was central to the interior design of our then new vacation home in Cambria. Later, Ferris performed a similarly wonderful job in our family home, creating, as she did in Cambria, a warm, attractive and comfortable living environment for an active family and the large circle of extended family and friends we frequently entertain in both locations. For us, her deft, considered touch resulted in an environment that has added meaningfully to the pleasure we, our family and friends have taken in our living spaces. If Ferris designs your interior, you and those you hold dear will enjoy it, now and for many years to come.

                                                                                Kathy H.



"My husband and I worked with Ferris to find furniture for a new house we had just purchased. Ferris sent us plan layouts for all of the rooms plus recommendations on all the furniture needed from rugs to lamps. We are very happy with the items that we purchased and our home is just perfect. She was easy to work with, professional and timely."

​                                                                             Nancy Flamm

​"Ferris Zoe was a very valuable resource to us, and her guidance was indispensable. We especially valued her extensive knowledge of local resources for furniture and decor.​"

                                                                             Paul & Judy Casale                                                                        

"Ferris did an excellent job for us. She is able to quickly understand what the client wants, so there is no time waster. She designed window treatments in all rooms, bedding in guest rooms, chairs for the kitchen and island, area rugs, a chair and table for one of the guest rooms and many accessories. As you can see, we trusted her instincts and she delivered. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a designer with impeccable taste and a wonderfully warm personality!"

                                                                             Heidi C.

"Ferris Zoë Design took a tiny, 1000 square foot, 3 bedroom house and turned it into a home! Everyone who came into it after Ferris was done commented on how charming and comfortable it was. Prior to her attention, no one could see how the spaces could be utilized. Her furnishings, hardware and fixture choices and placement were superb. This job was done on a budget, and I was very pleased. I have recommended Ferris Zoë Design many times since then, and her energy and style always deliver!"                

​                                                                           Becky Adams

"We did a full home remodel and chose Ferris Zoë Design to do our interior design work. She was prompt and listened to what we wanted our living space to say about us. She really 'got' our vision and stayed on budget. It was a fun and exciting experience. The end result was so much greater than I imagined. We purchased another home and are currently in design mode again with Ferris, and she is bringing fresh ideas and life to our new space."

                                                                            Caron W.

"I first worked with Ferris in 1994. She helped me with the interior design of my Cambria home, selection of colors, furnishings and fabrics, and the results were fabulous. More recently she helped with the selection of blinds for a wall of windows that faces northwest. We needed to block the sun and heat while preserving our ocean view. Everything I purchased from Ferris has been top quality, and there is only one piece of furniture that is ready to be recovered. I still love the color scheme."

                                                                              Jean T.

"I had the honor of working with Ferris Zoë for several years, and I was always impressed not only with her indisputable design and space planning talents, but also with her excellent taste. It was a pleasure assisting her as she enabled clients to achieve their goals in remodeling projects of all sizes. Her vision and ability to coordinate tradespeople to achieve the best possible results within a realistic budget are admirable. Her impeccable reputation for integrity and high standards of business ethics made it a joy to be a part of her organization. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone seeking a talented, intelligent designer who stands by her work in every instance."

​                                ​                                              Lynne Martin

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​​​I have been an Interior Designer, Space Planner and Project Manager  for over 35 years.  From large corporate projects to residential remodels on estate properties & small cottages, charity events and event planning. It's all about my clientele and what inspires them.  Learning from their ideas, collaboration makes each project unique.

I hope you enjoy my website,

Ferris Zoë


Ferris Zoë Design, Owner - 1979-Present

Located in Central California Coastal area providing Interior Design services to home owners, realtors & businesses.  Comprehensive training and expertise in all levels of interior design, space planning and project management from high end corporate to residential design.

Prior Affiliations

Senior Project Designer & Space Planner, Project Manager, Director of Business Development, Space Programming & Planning 

Los Angeles, Orange County, & San Francisco


Reel Grobman & Associates

Stewart Romberger Associates (SRA)

Selje Bond Stewart & Romberger

United Business Interiors

O'Neill & Associates

R. P. Segerstrom

Western Office Interiors 

Procured, managed and designed projects for clients: 

MCA Records & MCA Development

Amgen Corporation

Knapp Peterson & Clarke law firm

City of Beverly Hills

Parker Milliken Clark O'Hara & Samuelian law firm 

Carol Little St. Tropez West fashion design firm

Ringling Brothers Marketing office

Mattel Toy Company

General Electric

La Mansion del Rio hotel, San Antonio

Donavan Leisure Newton & Irvine law firm

Commercial Bank of Korea

Oppenheimer & Company

Bear Stearns

Ball Hart Hunt Brown & Baerwitz law firm.