The family that owns this home moved to the Central Coast of California after saying goodbye to the big city. The dream they held onto for much of their lives, having grown up in middle America, was now satisfied, but their hearts still yearned for the simple life. Talent & curiosity pushed them to explore the world. Now it was time to breathe the ocean air, so they settled in a little town called Cambria, California. Purchasing a small home with a spectacular ocean view, they turned their attention to remodeling this beach cottage.
After retaining my interior design services & with confidence we would be a good team, the adventure began. Nine months later, after much gnashing of teeth and hiring a team of talented contractors, the cottage began to take form. To my delight and surprise, I was able to design the interior of a home prior to the re-design of the exterior. A successful project requires excellent pros to work as a team to turn a client's dream into reality. Very few times am I privileged to design from the inside out. Architects consider the land, the view, the sun and many other elements to situate a home on a plot of land. When a home is being remodeled, there are many challenges making  changes to the original orientation. Phase II is now on the horizon with exterior & additional interior remodeling planned.


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