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This home was a designer’s dream (nightmare, sort of). Purchased on a whim, while trolling the internet on the deck of her charming little cottage on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Having watched one of her favorite movies, "Under the Tuscan Sun," she knew the time was right.

This old-ish pseudo Victorian house had a turret and awesome ocean view, an expansive garden and several decks. She always loved a challenge. The first night, after riotous celebrating the new house with a friend, she met the ghost; check that off the list. Next she found a serious water leak & trash bagged all the windows in the wee hours of the morning. 

Next, appliances, windows, lighting, & flooring were purchased winding up with a fun home that became her friends' favorite party house & meeting place for fun, frolic and fund raisers for her favorite charity.  It was casual, quirky, bold & indefinable.

There are many ways to create a family. “Under The Tuscan Sun” is a successful book and movie. Maybe our gal was channeling Frances Mayes, the author, or Diane Lane, the lead actor. Our gal now resides in a charming loft in another beachside community with a panoramic view of the Pacific ocean, and oh, are the sunsets glorious! There’s no Master Bedroom.